Connect Switch to a Laptop in 5 Easy Steps: End-to-End Guide

Only 5 easy steps and 10 minutes of work to play Switch games on a big screen of your laptop. Get to know how to do it correctly and how to avoid lags.

Nintendo Dock caused a kind of revolution in the world of handheld consoles. However, how it would be great to play Switch games on a big screen of your gaming laptop. With our short guide, it will become reality. Just 5 steps to get a great gaming experience on the screen of your laptop.

What you will need

Before starting, make sure that you have the following items:

  • Nintendo Dock (You receive Dock when buying Nintendo Switch. It generally used to connect Switch to a smart TV but in our case, it will be used for the laptop to provide gaming on a big screen).
  • Video Capturing Card (Make sure it has HDMI in and out port).
  • HDMI Cable (Usually, HDMI cable comes with Nintendo Switch. You will need it to share video and audio).
  • Video Capturing Software (It will allow high-quality streaming without any lag. You can choose free software, e.g. Elgatos software).

Connect Switch to a laptop step-by-step:

  1. Plug switch the HDMI cable into HDMI in port on the Video Capturing Card;
  2. On your laptop open Video Capturing Software;
  3. Turn on the “home” button on your Nintendo Switch controller;
  4. Connect the laptop with Video Capturing Card (you can do it by using a USB cable);
  5. That’s all, a window with the Switch Console menu will appear on the laptop screen. You can switch to “Fullscreen” mode for a better gaming experience.

How to avoid lags playing Nintendo Switch on Laptop?

Using Video Capturing Card along with Software will provide smooth operation and sound quality. However, if you invested in Video Capturing Card and still face problems while gaming, it is a sign that you need to take a new, more powerful gaming laptop

Most likely your current laptop has too weak a video card (GPU), not enough memory (RAM), or a too slow processor. If in a case with memory, you can upgrade it in most of the cases, the video card and processor will not be able to make faster. In such a case it is worth paying attention to modern gaming laptops.


If you plan to play Switch games from the laptop, it is highly important to invest in a powerful Video Capturing Card and have all the things necessary (like Nintendo Dock, HDMI cable, and software). In the case of lags, while playing Switch games, we recommend paying attention to the more powerful gaming laptop.


🤔 How do I connect my Nintendo switch to my laptop using HDMI?

It takes just 5 steps. You need to connect Nintendo Dock to the Video Capturing Card using an HDMI cable. Then you will need to download the software on your laptop and connect the laptop to Video Capturing Card. Full and detailed guide you can read in our article.

🎮 Can I stream from my Switch without a capture card?

Yes, you can stream from the Switch without a capture card. Bit for doing this you will need Xbox.

🎬 Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch doesn’t have Netflix app. For now, Switch offers only Youtube and Hulu.

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